Friday, July 19, 2013

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar, Sydney Hilton Hotel, Celebrity Jessica Sterling entertains in bodypaint

Alto Tango at Zeta Bar, Sydney Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia; Celebrity Jessica Sterling entertains in bodypaint.

This evening the trendy and highly popular Zeta Bar continued it's Friday night 'Alto Tango' theme, complete with bodypainted Tango roving performer only this time the bodypainted model was the quite famous, ultra talented and delightful actor from 'The Nullarbor Nymph' fame, Jessica Sterling.

You might ask yourself the question... What is Jessica Sterling doing bodypainted up in a 'Alto Tango' theme?  Well, who wouldn't want to entertain at the fabulous Zeta Bar, and everyone knows that celebrities from Australia up to Hollywood are lining up to be bodypainted and made up in bodyart, and 'Our Jess' has smartly leaped (pun intended) on the runaway train that is celebrity bodypaint in the name of art and entertainment.

Ms Sterling said "I am so happy that I leaped at the opportunity to be bodypainted at a Tango performer tonight. I had heard about all of the excitement at the Zeta Bar, Hilton on Friday nights, and tonight I got to be part of the entertainment as a bodypainted roving performer.  It was so much fun and Eva, Vince and the team did such a great job with the bodypaint and the event.  I can't wait to be bodypainted again.

Ms Rinaldi said "We have been having a blast doing the latest 'Alto Tango' theme at the Zeta Bar, and we're so glad we had the opportunity to once again work with Jessica again. This was our first bodypainting - bodyart assignment with Jess, but it won't be the last.  

Well done to everyone involved with the ongoing success of the Zeta Bar promotion, and see you at the Zeta again next Friday.

Alto Tango promotion...

Guests will enjoy dancing silhouettes who will express stories depicting seduction, jealousy and rivalry between two men and a woman. Guests will be further immersed in the authentic sounds of Tango presented by Sydney’s most renowned Tango performers, ‘Fuego Blanco’ guided by Maggie Ferguson. The traditions will be juxtaposed with Zeta Bar’s resident DJ mixing ‘electro-tango’ beats, the ever popular body art live statue, a timeless photo booth and lively light projections.

Alto Tango seamlessly combines molecular mixology and classic cocktails. The quirky list features carefully crafted cocktails including Chimichurri Shrub, Two to Tango, Malbec Mulled Wine, Sangria and a selection of Argentine wines and beers.

Zeta Bar promises to romance patron’s palates with a mouth-watering exploration of traditional South American cuisine ranging from a deconstructed choripan served with chimichurri and salsa criolla, empanadas and for the sweet tooth delectable Alfajores.

The delightful 'Ms Tango' roving performer was once again provided by Sydney based creative arts agency, Human Statue Bodyart.

Each friday between Friday 12 July and Friday 06 September

Zeta Bar, Level 4, 488 George Street Sydney 2000

Contact: 02 9265 6070 

Other Services: Air conditioned, Disabled access, Car parking available, Public toilets



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